Where To Buy Nespresso Pods

Nespresso machines are taking over the lives of so many coffee lovers. No coffee addict can resist having a hot cup of coffee first thing in the morning; without it, the day won’t go right! 

The main advantage of having a Nespresso machine is speed. You don’t have to spend much time preparing your coffee, using the machine and a pod rod you will be ready to go in a minute. 

Nespresso pods are not easy to find, and a lot of people will search for a while before they find a good place to get it. 

So, in this article, we will tell you all about Nespresso pods resources, but before we do that, we need to talk to you about compatibility. 

The Difference Between Nespresso Pods and Nespresso Compatible Pods

Many coffee addicts miss out on the difference between these two lucky for you; we’re here to explain it all. 

The pods made by Nespresso are not sold everywhere, and you can find them in a limited number of shops or retails. 

Nespresso Pods and Nespresso Compatible Pods

On the other hand, Nespresso-compatible pods are made by third-party brands, and you can find them easily. 

One thing that we should mention is that you can use both types of pods with any of the machines from Nespresso’s original line. Those machines can only be used to make espresso. 

However, if you have a VertuoLine machine that you use to make both espresso and coffee, then you need to stick to Nespresso pods because the compatible ones won’t work. 

The 4 Best Nespresso Pods in 2020

1. Nespresso OriginalLine, Fortissio Lungo – Best Nespresso for Latte

Intensity Rating: 8

Fortissio Lungo is one of Nespresso’s strongest flavors. The secret components that give it its rich and intense flavor are the Columbian Arabica beans with the Malabar Arabica beans. Most coffee addicts will tell you how great this post is for making Lattes with a perfect hint of bitterness that everyone enjoys.


  • Strong aroma
  • Rich coffee flavor without being overly roasted
  • Recyclable capsules


  • Not compatible with vertuoLine machines

2. Nespresso OriginalLine, India – Best Nespresso for Cappuccino

Intensity Rating: 11

Next, we have a stronger flavor that is made by blending Indian Arabica beans and monsooned Robusta beans. Some coffee drinkers love to use this pod for making a latte, but the majority will use it for making cappuccinos since they have a more intense flavor.

If you use this pod, you will get a heavy coffee syrup thanks to the high intensity that maintains the coffee taste with a short roast. The coffee beans used give your coffee a woody, pepper, and nutmeg tints.


  • Woody and spicy aromatics
  • Potent coffee with a high intensity rating
  • Recyclable capsules


  • Only compatible with Nespresso OriginalLine machines

3. Nespresso OriginalLine, Arpeggio – Best Nespresso for Americanos

Intensity Rating: 9

The third popular Nespresso Pod on our list is Arpeggio that’s made from Central American coffee beans mixed with South American Arabica beans.  You can use this pod to make a classic Americano with a fruity and malted taste.


  • Intense grilled note with little coca notes
  • Great roasting techniques
  • Recyclable Capsules


  • Not compatible with Nespresso VertuoLine

4. Nespresso Vertuo Capsules Assortment – Best for VertuoLine Nespresso

Intensity Rating:  Melozio: 6 – Odacio: 7 – Stormio: 8

If you own the new VertuoLine from Nespresso, then you can’t miss out on this pack. It has three different types of coffee, which makes it one of the versatile packages that will last with you for a while.

The first type is Melozio, which is made by mixing Brazilian Bourbon coffee beans and Central American Arabica beans. It has a sweet cereal taste with notes of honey.

The second type is called Odacio, and it’s made by blending Roasted American Arabica beans and roasted east African Arabica beans. Odacio has a deep coffee taste with a tint of fruitiness.

The last type is Stormio, which is the strongest of all three. It is made by mixing washed Arabica beans from Guatemalan and Nicaraguan Arabica beans.


  • Contains three different types of coffee with different tastes and coffee intensities
  • A large pack, so it lasts longer than most of the other Nespresso Packs


  • Only compatible with VertuoLine Nespresso machines
  • More expensive than the other packs on the list   

Where To Buy Nespresso Pods Online

The List of the Best Websites to Buy Nespresso Pods from: 

  • Nespresso 
  • Amazon 
  • Walmart
  • Target 
  • Other Retails (check the list below) 

Where To Buy Nespresso Pods

The Best Places to Buy Nespresso Pods Online:

1. Nespresso.com 

You probably already know that your first option is Nespresso but do you know that you will be getting a lot of advantages. I mean, a lot of people think that Nespresso is the best place to buy the coffee pods because it’s the only way they can be 100% sure they’re genuine without any infringements. 

However, there are many other benefits to buying from Nespresso if you join their Nespresso Club Program. Once you get into the program, you get a welcome accessory that all new members get, in addition to extending the warranty for your machines from two to three years. 

Furthermore, you become eligible for dedicated customer support, including ordering or customer care. All members of the program get a subscription to Nespresso magazine that gets published twice a year. 


  • You can be sure you are buying an original product 
  • All new members get a welcome accessory 
  • You can get discounted prices and special offers 
  • Nespresso Club membership extends the warranty from 2 to 3 years 
  • You can easily order from their application or over their website or even by calling 


  • There isn’t as much variety as other places 
  • You can only get limited edition packs

2. Amazon.com 

Who hasn’t used amazon for online shopping before? It is a trusted company, and a lot of people have depended on them for years. From what we mentioned earlier, you might think that buying your Nespresso bars from Amazon isn’t as beneficial, but the truth is, it has its advantages as well. 

For starters, you are not left with limited edition packs, and you can get more quantities and flavors. Actually, most of the time, if you buy large amounts, you can get up to 50% discounts, which is a great chance to save some bucks. Add to this that Amazon Prime customers get extra discounts, and the company offers them free delivery if they make regular purchases. 

So, if you are one of the many people who have been using Amazon for quite a while, I’d say that’s where you should go. 


  • You can get larger quantities and more flavors
  • Amazon Prime Customer get extra discounts 
  • Free delivery if you make regular purchases 


  • If you’re not a premium user, pop-ups can be a really annoying 
  • The return process is a bit complicated 

3. Walmart.com

You can find over 11,000 Walmart stores around the world, and around 4500 in the U.S. Walmart is one of the well-known retails, and you can definitely find your favorite Nespresso pods there. 

The best thing when it comes to shopping from Walmart is that it offers you free next-day delivery on all the orders starting from $35 or more. Now, a lot of you know that Amazon Prime offers the same; however, you don’t have to get a membership to be eligible for free shipping when you shop from Walmart. Great news! 


  • Great selections from a wide variety of brands 
  • Free next-day shipping for all customers 


  • The wide variety makes it harder to decide what to get
  • Very low priced products are of poor quality 

4. Target.com

Target is one of the largest stores that you can find anywhere you go. Currently, there are over 1800 Target Stores, so there is a big chance you have one near your house, which will make any delivery faster and less costly. 

Just like shopping from Amazon, when you are shopping from Target, you have a better chance of finding large boxes and buying larger quantities. This is great because it means you will have to restock less often and you can get good discounts every now and then. 


  • You can get large quantities 
  • You might be able to get a good discount 
  • Easier return process if it’s close to your house 


  • Smaller than Amazon and Walmart so you might not find everything you want 

5. Other Partner Retails 

We already talked about how Nespresso tied up with some retailers for selling their pods. Walmart and Target aren’t the only ones. In fact, some other big stores offer great deals. Let’s list them so that you can check the offers yourself: 

Nespresso VertuoLine Pods 

Where to Buy Nespresso Vertuoline Pods? 

Nespresso compatible pods don’t work with the Vertuoline. While you can find visit the previously-mentioned websites to get your coffee pods, if you own a Nespresso Vertuo machine, then make sure you only purchase pods from Nespresso brand. Other Alternatives won’t get the job done. 

How to Save Money When Buying Nespresso Capsules 

With the daily use of pods, it can become a little expensive for some people to keep up with the constant need to buy pods, especially when more than one member of the family is a coffee person.

This is why we decided to talk to you about some other options to go with that will save you a lot of money 

1. Permanent Reusable Capsules 

What’s better than a permanent capsule rather than using the disposable pods? If you get a permanent capsule, all that you need to do is simply refill it whenever you can using the scoop that comes with the purchase. Then you should seal the capsule and drop it in the machine. 

Sealpod and Recaps are the most popular options when it comes to refillable capsules, and both are made of stainless steel. 

2. Reusing the Old Coffee Pods

Did you know you can reuse your old coffee capsules again? Well, no, you do. Actually, you can use them for up to 3 more times, let’s check out how:

  • Using a penknife, cut away the foil to remove the seal of the pod 
  • Dump the old coffee grounds then wash the capsule 
  • Add two teaspoons of ground coffee to prepare your espresso 
  • Don’t forget to tamp lightly on the coffee grounds with a spoon 
  • Seal the capsule using the ordinary kitchen foil or seals that are made for this purpose like Sealpod or My-Cap Foil 
  • Press the foil around the rim to make sure it is perfectly sealed 

3. Find an Alternative 

A lot of coffee lovers already know that many brands offer other affordable alternatives. Of course, these alternatives will be compatible with the original line so, if you own a VertuoLine, this option won’t work for you. 

One thing that will cross your mind once you read this is will the other alternative taste as good? 

Unfortunately, there is no right answer. Our judgments on the taste of coffee are variable. Many customers find good alternatives, and some even claim that some of these brands taste better than the original. However, one thing that you can be sure of is that if you tried some of the other brands and kept testing them, you will certainly find something that you like.

How to Pick a Nespresso Pod

1. The OriginalLine and VertuoLine Pods 

Not all types of pods that Nespresso offers are compatible with the two lines. This is why the first thing you need to know is the type of pod you can use. 

OriginalLine Capsules: 

  • Expresso 
  • Intense 
  • Lungo 
  • Decaffeinato 
  • Pure Origin 
  • Variations 
  • Limited Editions 

VertuoLine Capsules: 

  • Espresso 
  • Coffee 
  • Alto 

2. Expiration Date 

A lot of people forget to check the expiration dates on the products they buy. The reasons you need to check the expiration date don’t stop at making sure that the product is still usable. The expiration date is an important indicator of how fresh the coffee is, and this affects the taste and the aroma of your coffee. 

Usually, the capsules are usable for up to 12 months from the date of elaboration. Yet, the capsules that stay sealed are absolutely safe to use after that date. A good indicator that you can still consume the pod is that you don’t smell the coffee inside the capsule. On the other hand, if you can smell it, the capsule should be discarded because this indicates that it is not properly sealed. 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

How Much Coffee Is in Each Coffee Capsule? 

To answer this, we have to talk about the originalLine Nespresso and the VertuoLine separately. Also, this depends on the Cup Size and the number of Shots. 


  • An Espresso cup is 40 ml and will contain about 55 – 65 mg. Caffeine. 
  • A Lungo cup is 110 ml and contains about 77 – 80 mg. 
  • The Kazaar blend has an exceptionally high caffeine concentration that’s usually around 125 mg.


  • An espresso shot will have around 110 mg. of caffeine, whereas the coffee group contains around 165 mg. 

What Is the Best Nespresso for Latte? 

Latte is one of the most popular coffee drinks. If you are using the OriginalLine, then Ristretto and Arpeggio are your best options for making a perfect cup of latte. However, with the VertuoLine machines, an Altissio capsule would be perfect.

How to Know If the Capsule Has Expired? 

As mentioned earlier, the capsule is consumable even after the expiration date as long as it is properly sealed. Passing the expiration date only indicates that the coffee lost its freshness and optimal brew, but it doesn’t mean that you can no longer use it. 

Which Is the Strongest Nespresso Coffee Pod?

The strongest capsule is the Kazaar, with 120 mg. Caffeine.

Final Thoughts

No one likes how sometimes companies lock you into buying from their supply chain. However, it is one way for all the companies to make profits, and customers will have to deal with this in whichever way they like. 

To be honest, Nespresso pods are top-notch. They’re always fresh and have this incredible coffee aroma that can get you ready to face the world every morning. However, they’re a bit too expensive, and for a majority of coffee addicts, it is not convenient to stock up on their products. 

This is why we decided to talk to you about their two lines and the best way to find affordable Nespresso pods. 

I hope you now know where to get your coffee and have a better idea about what type of pod you need. 


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